My career transition | Trishna Shrestha - GIT Meetup #4

Jan 09, 2018

Miss Trishna Shrestha, QA Associate Engineer at Cloud Factory. She worked for Berkshire Hathaway Specialty Insurance as a QA Test Lead and for HVHC VisionWorks as a QA Analyst in San Antonio, Texas. She under graduated from Lincoln University, California and graduated from Pokhara University, Nepal.

Just start and let the work teach you | Sangeeta Waiba

Jan 09, 2018

Ms. Sangeeta Waiba, software developer at Spiralogics International. She completed bachelors in IT from Softwarica College. She holds various certificates from Microsoft Technology Associate and has contributed to many projects like doctor Connect, Lawyer ATM, Faceoff etc

Becoming Me | Prativa Pandey - GIT Meetup #4

Jan 09, 2018

Mrs. Prativa Pandey; Founder, and CEO of Catalyst Technology Pvt. Ltd, research, and technical consulting company. She is also a research faculty at Research Center for Applied Science and Technology (RECAST, TU). She finished her Bachelors in Chemistry from Salem College and MS/Ph.D. from Northwestern University in the US. She has also worked in the semiconductor industry in the US as a research scientist for 4 years.

Nikita Acharya Shares about her experience | GIT Meetup #4

Jan 09, 2018

Nikita Acharya has experience of more than four years in the field of web development. She has expertise in ruby and javascript.

Image Captioning demystifying deep learning and how to get started

Jan 08, 2018

Sujit Maharjan, AI researcher at fusemachines, Nepal

Application of deep learning on chatbots

Jan 08, 2018

Sushil Shakya is enthusiast who is currently working as associate software developer at Fusemachines, Nepal

Connected world: An Introduction to network analysis

Jan 08, 2018

Mr. Yash Raj Lamsal is an expert of economics. He takes interest in time-series analysis, econometrics, data mining, statistical Learning, panel data, python, R, Scala, etc. He teaches macro-economics to BBM,LL.B students at School of Law.

Object detection in images and videos

Jan 08, 2018

Basanta Joshi, Assistant Professor at Department of Electronics and Computer Engineering, IOE, Lalitpur, Nepal. He is also working as consultant on various IT projects.

NLP Applications for empowering the society - Bal Kirshna Bal

Jan 05, 2018

Dr. Bal Krishna is Assistant Professor at Department of Computer Science and Engineering in Kathmandu University and he talks about NLP applications for empowering the society.

Why to JavaScript in 2018?

Jan 04, 2018

Saugat Acharya, Senior Software Engineer at Leapfrog technology talks about importance of javascript in 2018 and further.