Single page application with vue and rails

Apr 17, 2018

Talk Abstract Recently I have worked on an app that had frontend on vue and backend (API) on rails, I want to talk about the experience on the project, The talk will be super fast and will cover the basic of vue and my experience when trying to build the web app as user-friendly as possible. Talk Description Vue js is one of the most popular javascript frameworks out there, It’s simple and progressive framework, On the other side rails is also one of the most popular web frameworks. The talk that I want to present will mainly talk about my experience with Vue js and ruby on rails. I will try to talk as much possible as I could about the basics of vue js and the packages that I used to build my recent project as much user-friendly as possible, I will also share my experience with vue js as this framework was very new to me, based on the perspective of a react js developer (The framework I have large experience with), some of the funny mistakes I made and those moments when I searched react patterns on vue as well, I will also talk about how working on a single project I managed to contribute on one of the vue based open source projects (PR is still on review LOL) Rabin Gaire @rabingaire Full stack developer Open Source Software Promoter Facebook Developer Circle: Kathmandu core team member KTM JS core team member One of the co-founders of Artificial Intelligence for Development Interested on compiler design

Introducing Elasticsearch in Rails using Searchkick gem

Apr 17, 2018

Talk Abstract Did you ever get bored executing large query for complex search and not getting the result you really want? What if you could use the feature that elasticsearch has within Rails application? Don’t worry, Searchkick has us covered. And the best part of them is, they are both open source. Talk Description Have you ever thought of using elasticsearch in Rails? Do you want to get your search results more precise? Do you wish for tools to visualize your search data? Well, here is elasticsearch to rescue us which can be setup in rails application using Searchkick gem. This talk will cover about basic elasticsearch intro along with searchkick setup in rails application. Bibek Khadka @roringbbk Ruby on Rails enthusiast Football fan Coffee Freak

A common code between web and mobile

Apr 17, 2018

Talk Abstract When you stand in front of the project that aims to come with mobile and web application, going for combo Rails, React.js & ReactNative is easy choice. But to decide how to handle the data flow is a different story. My team made this decision and it enabled us to share most of the business logic . Talk Description Writing React with Rails apps is awesome for both web and mobile… so why not share code between your two implementations? This talk will cover about how Redux allows to build apps and easily switch frameworks without having to rewrite any business logic. Speaker Suyog K.C Nepal @suyogkrazz Experienced fullstack developer with a strong appreciation for good UX and love to face challenges specially offered from new technology and environment.

Philosophy behind object oriented design and analysis

Mar 22, 2018

Mohan Upadhaya from Jyaasa talks about object oriented design, Object oriented analysis and few behind the scene philosophies.

Jhandi Burja App with Php

Mar 22, 2018

Ujjwal Ghimire shares his app that he built with php at php meetup 19. Ujjwal Ghimire works as a web developer and a Teacher at pylon academy.

Php Software Architecture

Mar 22, 2018

Sameer Nyaupane shares his words on software architecture at php meetup 19 at Himalaya College. He is lead developer at zingo credits

Docker & Docker-Compose for Developers |

Jan 17, 2018

Ruby Meetup, Jan 14, 2018 Speaker: Milan Thapa

Kafka with Rails by Sujit Shakya |

Jan 16, 2018

RubyMeetup, January 14, 2018

My Journey | Akita Nakarmi - GIT Meetup #4

Jan 09, 2018

Her passion for coding started from school days. Coding and trying innovative ideas has been her driving force. She is the fun loving person with the motive of learning meet Ms. Akita Nakarmi, a Jr developer at Young Innovations Pvt Ltd. She completed her bachelors in CSIT from Academia International College.