Single page application with vue and rails

Apr 17, 2018

Talk Abstract Recently I have worked on an app that had frontend on vue and backend (API) on rails, I want to talk about the experience on the project, The talk will be super fast and will cover the basic of vue and my experience when trying to build the web app as user-friendly as possible. Talk Description Vue js is one of the most popular javascript frameworks out there, It’s simple and progressive framework, On the other side rails is also one of the most popular web frameworks. The talk that I want to present will mainly talk about my experience with Vue js and ruby on rails. I will try to talk as much possible as I could about the basics of vue js and the packages that I used to build my recent project as much user-friendly as possible, I will also share my experience with vue js as this framework was very new to me, based on the perspective of a react js developer (The framework I have large experience with), some of the funny mistakes I made and those moments when I searched react patterns on vue as well, I will also talk about how working on a single project I managed to contribute on one of the vue based open source projects (PR is still on review LOL) Rabin Gaire @rabingaire Full stack developer Open Source Software Promoter Facebook Developer Circle: Kathmandu core team member KTM JS core team member One of the co-founders of Artificial Intelligence for Development Interested on compiler design