Things I wished I knew while doing my tech bachelor / undergraduate

Sep 03, 2014

This talk is about how to use your bachelor to craft your tech career. It started with what I have done and some examples of where my friends have reached. Then I focused on things to consider for selecting and doing projects for technical subjects in your bachelor study. After that I suggested on secrets of selecting a company and doing internship. To conclude I gave some tips on approaching the job market. Talked at Prime College for Bachelor students studying Bsc. CSIT and BIM on 26-Aug-2014. Talk Agenda: 1.Who am I and relation with the college 2.Where have other friends reached 3.Why this talk? 4.Types of students - information hungry or marks hungry 5.Things to consider when you select and do projects for bachelor's 6.Secrets of selecting a company and doing internship 7.Approaching the job market 8.Conclusion/Recap 9.Question and answer session